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The lednice castle
The greenhouse
The Minaret
Johnś castle
Once upon a time there was a magnificent castle…
Whenever you come, there is always something in blossom, an original exposition made by the Mother Nature…
Moray eels, rays, turtles and others revive in fascinating world of darksome blue depths…
All of sudden, in the middle of Lednice gardens, a minaret appears as if by magic…
If Lednice appears to be too gorgeous to leave it the same day you have arrived, than stay longer and set out on a trip to Janův hrad…

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Welcome in a fairy-tale

Once upon a time....not far from border line between Czech and Austrian lands, in Moravia south from Brno, there was built a proud residence. Decorated with lancet windows, oriels and battlements and, embraced by huge gardens. They were lined with hedgerows and coated with carpets of beautiful flowers.In the gardens of scents and colours ornated noble women were promenading. Back-to-back park provided gentlemen aboard proud steeds with a lots of opportunities to hunt. Speeking of Lednice, amazing about it all is, that it has really happened.

Feel of fairy tale castle Lednice never lost. People are coming to vitalize their childhood dreams, but pretending their interest lies in expert admiring of magnificent architecture. Only little girls are sincere: „Mommy, I want to live here. I´m going to be a princess.“

Lednice castle is a part of Lednicko-valtický area, natural complex reaching almost 300km2.
In 18th and 19th century Lichtensteins built it hand in hand with nature. Since 1996, this „garden of Europe“, has been registred in the Unesco World Heritage list. And no wonder! In adition to beautiful castles in Valtice and Lednice, it includes a lots of smaller objects:
a romatic ruin of Janův castle, Classicist Forestterś lodge, Appoloś templ with Dorian peristyle, Pond manor, Frontier manor, Belvedere, Colonnade outlook on Reistna, Rendez-vous, called Dianaś temple, Temple of the Three Graces, Aqueduct, Obelisk, Water tower and Prayer tower.
No wonder, that even nowadays, a lots of people swap summer seaside holidays for exploring beautiful places right here.

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